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The main objective of the Department is to ensure our customers timely and reliable information. Client managers are always aware of all current Affairs of the company. We in the Department there are two concepts customer — favorite and new. Our main goal is the complete satisfaction of the Customers and winning the recognition and trust of new Customers. We hope that the cooperation with the company infor-media Russia will help to promote Your business and we will be happy if in this development will be a grain and our labor. Find out more, please contact us right now!

Elena Pronenko
Head of Sales and Marketing Department
Tel.: +7 495 995-80-04, ext. 1272
Cell.: +7 903 684-63-07

Elena Ignatenko
Delegate relationship manager
Tel: +7 495 995-80-04, ext. 1137
Cell.: +7 985 789-00-83

Evgenia Tsebekova
Delegate relationship manager
Tel.: +7 495 995-80-04, ext. 1019
Cell.: +7 909 695-56-68

Anna Perederey
Delegate relationship manager
Tel.: +7 495 995-80-04, ext. 1047
Cell.: +7 965 318-50-44


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Elena Pronenko, Head of Sales and Customer Service Department
phone: +7 495 995-80-04, ext. 1272
mobile phone: +7 903 684-63-07

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