2017 feedback


The event proved to be very useful for me. Leaders of the professional mobile radio industry presented their latest engineering solutions and equipment and outlined positive trends and growth points.
I participate in various forums and conferences in the field of telecoms and IT and therefore have basis for comparison. In my judgment, the event was held at a very high level. One could feel the creative approach of the organizing party, with every detail carefully thought out, and unusual ideas implemented (especially at the end of the first day). 
Among other things that I liked were: the business atmosphere, useful contacts, prize drawings, an attractive venue, exhibition areas demonstrating new PMR equipment and the presence of industry media.
The organizers really cared when preparing the event, and I am specifically grateful to them for such an approach.

Anton Steputin, portal

Thank you for organizing this outstanding event for professionals in the field of mobile radio communications, satellite communications and navigation.

Aleksandr Aleksandr, JSC NIIAS

This is my first time at this event. I enjoyed everything, and I am planning to attend it next year as well.

Aleksey Kuznetsov, Elcom+

The IDGC is representing the consumers at this forum. I am particularly pleased with the presence of government officials at the forum and the information they share on what is being done for the development of PMR communications. We don’t care if a vendor is domestic or foreign, but the price issue is acute.

Alexandra Sorokopytova, IDGC Centre

This is my first time here, the impression is most positive, I will definitely attend again.

Alexander Orekhov, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, General Administration for the City of Moscow

This is my first time at the forum, but I am planning to attend it annually from now on. The second day turned out to be particularly interesting when issues of concern to our company were discussed.

Vyacheslav Kondirov, TsNIIMash


Earlier feedback


We have been cooperating with infor-media Russia for a long time, so this is not the first time we participate in the PMR forum, and we get only positive impressions every time. A convenient location and always a very good organization. This year’s Forum, too, turned out to be quite exciting, so — the well-deserved five-star feedback!

Yelena Petrova, Project Director, Cand.Sc., R&D Center Komset

It was a useful event for me! So many outstanding specialists, and what I also liked were the speeches held by foreign participants, DMR and TETRA representatives. They supplemented their professional reports with some interesting materials. There was nothing negative for me to note, I enjoyed everything!

Yekaterina Gladkova, Leading specialist of the Regional Frequency Allocation Planning Department, ISC Severnaya Corona

This event was very useful for us. We are participating for the second time, and the Forum has become even better this year! More people, more companies and end customers. The organization level is stably high!

Alla Huangh, Sales Director, CIA and East Europe, Hytera Communications Co., Ltd

This event is very important and timely for me. I learned a lot of new and interesting things at the forum, got a deeper understanding of some of the communication standards as well as PMR development trends, attended the exhibition, met some contractors whom I had interacted with before getting acquainted in person, and established new business contacts. It is great when specialists of the professional mobile radio communications market get together to communicate, exchange contacts, and listen to speakers. Very interesting questions are often asked. I find this event very necessary!

Alexander Korzhitskiy, Leading Telecommunications Engineer, OOO Gazprom Transgaz Saint Petersburg

I am in charge for trainings held for Russian Railways (head institute of advanced studies). I find this event very useful, as it is important for me to keep abreast of all the innovations in the field of radio communications. I drew some new and valuable insights at the Forum, and I am going to apply this information to the trainings we provide. The speech by Alexander N. Verigo [Head of Communications at OAO NIIAS] was exceptionally useful for me. NIIAS representatives hold classes with us regularly. It was also interesting to hear about projects which have already found a practical application. I have attended a great number of conferences before, so I have something to compare this event with. Here, everything is organized at the highest level, including catering and working with the participants. Everything is just excellent, I give it the top score!

Roman Ryabichenko, Senior Lecturer at Automation Systems and IT institute of the Russian Railroad Academy

Our impressions of the event are positive! There were some interesting speeches. We took part in the exhibition within the framework of the Forum for the first time, and it proved to be a very interesting experience. We were in direct contact with our target audience, there were no random people loafing around, and this is a definite plus for the exhibition participants. The general level of organization of the event is high.

Alexander Meshkov, Leading Engineer, Linetest

This is not the first time that we participate in this event, and every time it turns out to be very useful for us. Every year, the Forum gathers a large number of professionals who we can share our experience of implementing systems with, jointly search for the right solutions for new projects, and discuss important aspects of the industry development. All-in-all, an excellent event!

Sergey Kononov, System Engineer, Neocom Software

Most excellent! All the tasks fulfilled! There are some minor technical flaws that need some work, and then everything will be perfect! Thank you!

Pyotr Krivopalov, System Engineer, OOO Elcom +

The quality of the Forum has improved significantly. Participation of domestic PMR equipment manufacturers was an asset.

S. Markelov, Department Head, NF OOO RN Inform

An educational and professionally organized event. The event covers the PMR area in its entirety and offers an opportunity to get to know other specialists and exchange opinions.

Alexey Tuparev, Head of Subdivision, military unit No. 35533

The conference was held at a highly professional level.

Roman Makeyev, Advisor, Dedicated secure link, Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation

The forum is very useful for specialists of a wide range and is rich in information. An atmosphere allowing for comfortable perception of information is created. The quality of work of the staff of infor-media Russia deserves a high praise. Thank you!!!

Alexey Bychkov, Head of Radio Communications Centre, OAO Sheremetyevo International Airport

A very desired and useful conference!

Tatyana Klimova, Leading Researcher, OAO NIIAS

The Forum-exhibition is organized at the highest level. Everything is very well-coordinated, clear, and comprehensible.

Vladimir Kozlov, Leading Engineer, Federal State Unitary Enterprise General Radio Frequency Centre (FSUE “GRFC”)

Many thanks to the organizers of the Forum. Everything was just great!

Mikhail Smychek, Head Specialist, OAO Giprogazcentr

The conference was well prepared. Excellent organization!

Vyacheslav Solopov, Deputy Head of the Scientific and Technical Subdivision, Sozvezdie Concern

The main purpose of attending the 3rd international forum "Professional Mobile Radio Communications" is exchanging experience in the field of construction and operation of TETRA networks. In 2009 - 2010, several major projects were implemented in Russia. The latest achievements in science and technology, as well as unique materials and technologies were used in their implementation. This information will be used by OOO RN-Inform in the operation and expansion of TETRA networks. During breaks between speeches, I had meetings with representatives of such companies as MOTOROLA, Saga Telecom, Axell Wireless, COMNEWS, and Hytera as part of business networking. Key issues of TETRA networks operation were discussed. Participation in the 3rd international PMR forum allowed to obtain valuable information that will be used to increase the quality and scope of services provided by OOO RN-Inform on TETRA networks.
It was a bit disappointing, though, that there were no representatives from state regulatory bodies such as Roskomnadzor, the Federal Communications Agency of the Russian Federation, and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia among the speakers at the Forum.

Sergey Markelov, Head of Telecommunications and Radio Technologies, RN Inform

I believe that the Forum was quite an interesting event for all participants of the PMR market this year. And I mean not only the TETRA standard but all the PMR technologies presented here. After all, participation of representatives of alternative solutions in the forum allows the TETRA community representatives to assess the capabilities of TETRA technology more precisely and to see how correct the vector of our development is, in view of development dynamics and the general changes on the PMR market. 
Much was said about new projects implemented, compared with the previous years. This is of course very inspiring. 
New products, terminals, and infrastructure were demonstrated at the exhibition. Particularly, we are demonstrating new applications here which, we believe, will be highly demanded in Russia. 
It was interesting for us not just to show up here again and to tell others about the steps and successes that we made in 2010. Talking to all the representatives of TETRA community was essential. After all, it is not so often that specialists and experts in the field of PMR can all get together.
I appreciate your initiative to collect questions for the Federal Communications Agency. This is an excellent opportunity to summarize all the issues of concern of the whole PMR industry today, and to address them to the regulator.
Please support and do not neglect the TETRA movement! I am sure that it will grow further due to our joint effort, which means that the PMR forum will be developing, too.

Andrey Grechka, Deputy Sales Director, Siemens IT Solutions and Services Ltd

Excellent and smooth organization of the conference, keep up the great job! Thank you!

Roman Makeyev, Advisor, Dedicated secure link, Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation

The conference was held at a rather high level. Thank you!

Kalyuka Vladimir Ivanovich, Deputy Head of ASUV and S Department (Automated Troop Command and Control System), Novocherkassk Higher Military Command School of Communications

A very good event offering plenty of opportunities to discuss the multiple advantages TETRA technology provides, for example, in the field of communications at mass events or corporate communications. I found the presentations by Gazprom Transgaz Makhachkala and the St. Petersburg Metro especially interesting, as their projects demonstrated specific advantages of TETRA technology.

Stephen Norscott, Senior Marketing Manager, Division of Solutions for public sector bodies, Motorola - EMEA (Europe, Middlle East, Africa)

We are satisfied with the results of the TETRA-forum, which gathered a large number of participants and guests. We hope that the forum will give impetus to further expansion of the field of application of TETRA-based professional communications. This, of course, will contribute to the formation of a safe living area throughout the Russian Federation, create conditions for increasing the efficiency of government bodies, law enforcement agencies, and emergency response services.

Alexander Moldavanov, Head of Tetrasvyaz Group of Companies

A well-prepared and quite timely event. Positive impressions and a contribution to TETRA technology development in Russia.

Kravtsov Vyacheslav, Department Head, Lukoil Inform

Everything was at a strong professional level.

Patronov K., Department Head, FGUP ONIIP

The conference was held in a business atmosphere, many interesting topics were touched upon!

Filinskiy Yaroslav, Deputy Head of Operations and Technical Department of Communications Centrals, Gazprom Transgaz Saint Petersburg

The conference was organized at a high level, it is a timely and up-to-date event.

Novikov Nikolay, 1st Rank Engineer, Giprogazcentr

The conference was held at a high level, keep it up!

Roman Makeyev, Advisor of the Head of Dedicated secure link, Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation

Special thanks to the interpreter for excellent interpreting and brilliant Russian language.

Tsvetkov S. I., Leading Engineer, FGUP General Radio Frequency Centre

A useful conference!

Alexander Zakharov, Department Head, Communications Section, NIIAS