Key 2018 Topics:

  • WHEN WILL TOMORROW COME? Innovative digital technologies in the PMR industry: present trends and future prospects
  • HOW CAN FICTION BE TURNED INTO REALITY? Import substitution in PMR systems: dynamics of the import substitution programmes over the last 4 years
  • VERIFIED TO WORK. Best practices of PMR implementation to the benefit of the industries
  • SAFETY ON A NATIONAL SCALE. Secure communication solutions for special services
  • CONTACT MADE! Problems and solutions for integration of PMR systems of various standards
  • LTE IS HERE... TO SOME EXTENT. How optimistic are the prospects for LTE implementation for PMR in Russia?
  • COMMUNICATION ON A SPACE SCALE Satellite communication and navigation development trends.
  • ROUND TABLE: My dream communications: let us sketch a perfect PMR system profile Round II.