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Having been doing events dedicated to the protection of intellectual property for more than 15 years, we could not ignore the origins.

So, the company infor-media Russia holds the conference "Management of Innovation and Research", which will be held October 23, 2020 in Moscow.

Main topics:

  • The mechanics of the analysis of new product areas. How to evaluate and prioritize projects
    Idea generation and process control
  • Where to look for R&D employees and how to motivate them
  • Long-range planning horizon: how to justify costs to management. R&D budgeting
  • Investing in innovation: how and where to attract? How to evaluate the effect of innovation
  • Management of an innovative portfolio. What is the optimal balance of supporting and breakthrough innovations?
  • Experience with institutes and startups
  • How to protect created intellectual property. Patents or know-how? Business Licensing?
  • Foresight research in the company
  • Digital technologies and solutions: the best cases

Our audience:

Positions: R&D directors and managers, directors for innovation, R&D, heads of investment activity, scientific and technical policy departments, NPD directors, heads of departments for new products, heads of research, innovation, and R&D departments.

Branches: FMCG, pharmaceuticals, telecom, IT, high-tech industries (electronics, military-industrial complex, devices, engineering), fuel and energy complex, metallurgy.

More detailed information about the conference is available on the website http://www.infor-media.ru/en/events/73/1967/ or by phone: +7 495 995-80-04.

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